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Ethics Standards for Certified Members


1. All Certified members of the AIHCP, Inc., including its subdivisions, MUST adhere to the "CODE OF ETHICS for Certified Members, as established, supported and enforced by the American Institute of Health Care Professionals, Inc. Members must adhere to these defined standards at all times during the period of Certification with the AIHCP, Inc.

2. The "Codes of Ethics" for each certification specialty are available on our web site. They may be found on the main page which provides full information on the certification program. These main pages can be easily accessed: access here.

3. All certified members are responsible for reviewing the Code of Ethics for their specific certification specialty.

4. AIHCP, Inc. will fully investigate any received consumer and/or organizational complaint received, of a breech of an ethical standard by a certified member. Such complaints will be investigated by a committee of three professionals who are advisory board members for the specific certification specialty. If it is discovered that there was a clear breech of a standard or standards, AIHCP, Inc., may place the certified member on a period of "probation" or revoke the members certification, depending on the seriousness of the ethical breech.


1. All Certified members must agree to adhere to their own specific professional codes of ethics as established by their own profession, including any licensing boards who promulgate and require adherence to ethical standards of professional practice.

If you have any questions concerning this policy, please contact us at: info@aihcp.org


February 2010